About Charlotte

photo copy 2Hi, I’m Charlotte, and my life is generally absurd.

I’m a twenty-something living and learning one day at a time in the greater LA area as I build a career in the apparel industry and maintain a relatively normal social life? However, this seemingly basic existence is actually wrought with irony and plagued by constant mockery from the universe. Recently, when explaining yet another bizarre circumstance I had encountered to my coordinator at work, she replied: “you know Charlotte, if you were to write a book about everything that has happened to you so far this year, nobody would even believe you.” Little does she know, the book is in the works, and it’s not just the sum of disbelief encountered in one year: it is a shocking amalgamation of ALL of them. Memoir by Char will be classified in the autobiographical genre and it will surely be stranger than fiction.

Sometimes I think when it comes to life, I’m just here for the laughs at myself. However, other times, I think that these laughs might have the potential to extend outwardly to be relatable in some way to others so on rare occasion I am prompted to blog about them as a public invitation to the world to laugh back at me. And, on a more serious note, writing for me is a means of processing the world in attempts to come to a greater level of understanding about everything I’m taking in around me, so the humor is interspersed with compositions of analysis of the experiences I encounter in a desperation to extract as much meaning as I can during my time on this earth. I guess at the end of the day, if my words and experiences have the possibility to change someone else’s life – however minimally, temporarily, or insignificantly – for the better, then why not give it a shot.


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